When you invest in nuclear energy, it’s not just about the energy itself. That is difficult to invest in. But you can invest in the rest of the process. Because the raw materials have to be mined somewhere, the value of those raw materials can rise or fall and there are other users of the raw materials needed for nuclear energy.

Uranium, for example, is a raw material that is used in nuclear reactors, but also in other materials.

This is not harmful, because uranium is not itself radioactive and occurs in nature. Only when it is enriched in the nuclear reactor is it harmful. This means that the demand for the raw material can also rise or fall at other levels than just in reactors. Examples where ‘depleted’ uranium is used are counterweights in aircraft, for example, but also ammunition and other valueable assets as mentioned on this trading site in France.

Raw materials such as uranium and thorium

The raw material uranium is probably one of the best known raw materials used in energy generation. Uranium is mined and then enriched or depleted. When enriched, it means that the Uranium isotope U235 is present in larger quantities. This produces radioactivity that can be used to generate energy. For many, this is not a sustainable form of energy generation, because the radioactive waste remains radioactive for tens of thousands of years.

That is why it is also suggested to use the raw material thorium.

This is a form of energy generation with which molten sand or salt is used to generate energy. A lot greener than nuclear energy. Although building nuclear reactors that can work with thorium can take years or decades, many scientists agree that thorium is a better alternative than uranium. This is because thorium cannot produce plutonium, which can end up in nuclear weapons.

Raw material not marketable in the Netherlands and some other European countries

Uranium and thorium cannot be traded with courtiers en ligne on the stock market in France. Are you interested? Then you could take a look at the Uranium Participation Corporation. This corporation is a holding company that tries to mirror the uranium price 1-on-1. The holding company does not have its own uranium, but cooperates with Denison Mines. If you want to invest in Uranium Participation Corporation, you can only do so through the Netherlands by buying the shares through Frankfurt Börse. This can be disadvantageous, due to the large transaction costs charged by the platform and the large spread that exists.

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